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Admission & Aid

    2020 SEI Pre-College Field Studies Application

    Sewanee Environmental Institute: Pre-College Field Studies Program
    June 22-July 5, 2020

    Before completing this application in its entirety, please have the following information ready to submit with your application. You cannot save and revisit this form.
    • Teacher or Counselor Recommendation: Their full name, title, email address, and confirmation that you've requested a recommendation from this teacher.  
    • Statement of Purpose: on why you wish to attend the Pre-College Experience (minimum of 150 words) 
    • Extracurricular Activities List: These activities should pertain to your interest in field studies or activities that you believe show you would be a good candidate for this program. 
    • Official electronic high school transcript to be emailed from your school to Sewanee Environmental Institute at
    Upon submission of your application, your selected teacher will receive an email with a link to the required recommendation form. Please let your teacher know that an email will be sent from us and that your submission will not be complete until we receive the recommendation.
    Current Mailing Address (Please list the address where you would like to receive mail about your application)

    Permanent Home Address (Leave blank if your "current mailing address" is your permanent home address)

    Please list your preferred contact number
    Term in which you expect to enroll in college (Check "2021 Fall" if you are a rising senior or select "2022 Fall" if you are a rising junior)
    Parent / Guardian 1 Address (if different from your permanent address)

    Are you currently living with Parent / Guardian 1?
    Parent 2 Address (if different from yours)

    Are you currently living with Parent 2?
    Statement of Purpose
    Please upload a statement of purpose (minimum of 150 words) in which you discuss why you wish to attend the Pre-College Field Studies Experience. What do you hope to learn or achieve while you are here, and what specific interests, passions, or abilities might bring to the local conservation groups. (Word or pdf document only please.)

    Teacher Recommendation
    Your application must include a written recommendation from a teacher or counselor. We will email the instructions for submitting the recommendation to your selected recommender when you submit your application. Your application IS NOT COMPLETE until we receive the recommendation. It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommender to make sure they complete the form.

    Please provide some information about your teacher or counselor.
    Occasionally, we take photographs and video of students to use in our promotional materials. Please give your permission to use your likeness in photography or video to be used in the brochure or on the web site. It is worth noting that when we use photographs, we do not identify the students in them by name.
    Photo and Video Permission