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Admission & Aid

    Zoë Evans, C'18

    Why Sewanee?
    I applied to 13 different schools; and I honestly had no idea what I wanted in a university. When I visited Sewanee during the Discover Sewanee weekend, I fell in love with Sewanee's community of caring individuals. Sewanee made me feel like I could make this place my home for four years, so I had a very easy time deciding once I realized that.

    Who has been your most influential professor at Sewanee?
    I traveled with Professor Schneider and four other Sewanee students to Uganda for a month this summer. Watching her communicate and network with so many different individuals in such a short amount of time was beautiful. She is definitely an amazing and inspiring professor, and human being.

    What is your favorite place to eat in the Sewanee area and what is your go-to order?
    The Mountain Goat Market - the Elana Ruz sandwich. It is strawberry jam, cream cheese, and ham. Delicious!

    What organization has been important to you during your time at Sewanee?
    Cambiata is an amazing group of men and women that come together twice a week to make music. Over the past two years, the individuals in this group have become some of my closest friends. They have really brought me out of my comfort zone and made me a lot more confident in my singing abilities. We always have a ton of fun!

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