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Admission & Aid

    Suxin Chen, C'19

    Why Sewanee?
    I decided to come to Sewanee because I wanted to be in a place that would help me to become a well rounded person and to develop character. I wanted to attend a school that would support my interest in being balanced academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I wanted to be challenged in all of those areas but in a healthy way and I believed that Sewanee would be the right place for that growth and development and to nourish me as an individual.

    What is your favorite place to eat in the Sewanee area and what is your go-to order?
    Stirling's coffee house is my favorite place to go to when I need a fuel boost and my go-to order is a iced blended All Saint's.

    What is your favorite time of year on the Mountain and why?
    My favorite time of year on the Mountain is around the holiday season. Not only is the air crisp during the day, but I feel an increased sense of love in the community as students have just returned from thanksgiving break and approaching the holidays. Campus is decorated with wreaths and lights adding to the joy.

    What is your favorite place to watch the sunset on the Domain?
    My favorite place to watch the sunset is at the Memorial Cross. It is so special being on the Mountain and being able to watch the sun set into the horizon. The view is absolutely gorgeous and it truly allows me to put everything in my busy schedule on pause, and be able to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that I am blessed to be surrounded by.