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Admission & Aid

    Livia Karoui, C'20

    Why Sewanee?
    Sewanee's close-knit community and how much professors care about us doing well and are happy to help whenever we need it.

    What is the best class you have taken and why?
    History of the Middle East II. It has been so interesting to learn about this region of the world and how the tension and conflict has developed historically to create the situation we know today.

    What is your favorite annual event on campus and why?
    Lessons and Carols. I am part of the Choir and this event is one we put a lot of work into as a group. The turnout and the excitement of the whole campus community make all the hard work worth it! Plus, who doesn't love some good Christmas Carol singing?

    What is your favorite place to eat in the Sewanee area and what is your go-to order?
    Shenanigans! The spicy turkey melt is to die for and their brownies are great too.