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    2017 Sewanee BRIDGE Program in Biomedical Science

    2017 Sewanee BRIDGE Program in Biomedical Science: Application
    Only current eleventh graders are eligible to apply. This means your anticipated enrollment term for college is Fall 2018.

    Before completing this application, please have the following items and information ready to submit on this page as you cannot save and revisit this form. 
    1. Two Recommenders Contact Information 
    • High School Counselor: Name, email and title of your high school counselor who has already agreed to submit a recommendation with your transcript and test scores on your behalf. 
    • Teacher: Name, email, and title of your teacher who has already agreed to submit a recommendation on your behalf.
    1. Three short essays on the following topics: All of these essays must be uploaded as a Word Document or PDF.
    • Describe your goals and what significant things you have done that have helped your achieve your goals or helped you stay on the path towards your goal? (250 words or less)
    • Choose an article from this past year that deals with science and medicine that inspires you and describe the impact it has on society. Include a review of the topic and how the courses you took in high school have impacted your understanding of this topic. (500 words or less)
    • What courses have you taken that have really helped you as a student. What were your biggest challenges that you had to overcome during your academic courses in high school? (250 words or less) 
    Upon submission of your application, your selected guidance counselor and teacher will receive emails with links to an online recommendation form. Please let them know that they will be receiving an email from us and that your submission will not be complete until they have submitted their recommendation. Counselors may submit letters of recommendation, transcripts and test scores here. Teachers may submit letters of recommendation here.

    The deadline for submitting this application is May 1, 2017.

    For questions please write or call 931-598-1856.
    General Student Information
    Mailing Address

    Permanent Home Address (if different from above)

    Regardless of your answer to the prior question, please indicate how you identify yourself. (Check all that apply.)
    Parent / Guardian Information Section
    Are you currently living with Parent / Guardian 1?
    Parent / Guardian 1 Address (if different from yours)

    Are you currently living with Parent 2?
    Parent 2 Address (if different from yours)

    Teacher and High School Counselor Recommendation Section
    Your application must include a two written recommendations one from your high school counselor and one from a teacher (preferably a science or math teacher). Your application IS NOT COMPLETE until we receive your teacher's and guidance counselor's recommendations. It is your responsibility to follow up with your teacher and high school counselor to make sure they submit their recommendations.

    Please provide their contact information below. It is very important that you double-check accuracy for both email addresses, because if your teacher and counselor don't receive the email then it will slow the application process considerably. *If your teacher or counselor don't receive the email and you are certain that the email address was correct, please have them check their junk or spam mailbox. 
    Personal Interests and History Section
    (To expand a text box, click and drag the lower righthand corner.)
    Having a diverse academic community is important to the University. One of the goals of the Bridge Program is to introduce college to rising twelfth-grade students of high academic standing whose backgrounds and experiences would contribute to and enrich the diversity within our academic community.

    Please check all the courses you will have completed by the end of your junior year:
    Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school for any disciplinary or honor code infraction or had any court convictions other than parking violations?
    Financial Aid Support:
    If you are in need of financial support to attend the Sewanee BRIDGE Program, please know that requesting aid will have no bearing on admission decisions. Financial aid applications will be distributed after a student is admitted, if they requested support on their file. 
    Will you be seeking financial assistance? (If yes, you will be required to fill out our financial aid application, if you are admitted)
    Essay Section

    Occasionally, we take photographs and video of students to use in our promotional materials. Please give your permission to use your likeness in photography or video to be used in the brochure or on the web site. It is worth noting that when we use photographs, we do not identify the students in them by name.
    Photo and Video Permission
    Our electronic "signature" below indicates that to the best of our knowledge this application is complete, honestly presented, and factually correct.